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AirCover Services offer consulting in public safety with over 35 years of aviation experience in military and public safety operations. AirCover professionals bring expertise to assist in Certificate of Authorization (COA) process. AirCover offers a full line of training programs with pilot and maintenance manuals, stamped approved by FAA. AirCover offers training to public safety, first responders:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Crisis Response
  • Intense Concept of Operations
  • High Risk Inspections
  • Dirty - Dull - Dangerous Missions
  • International Only - Fee for Services Operations
  • National Airspace - AirCover is a supporter of FAA, UAS airspace compliance; our only means of conducting flight operations in the national airspace must be via public agency COA or military reservation.

International Programs - AirCover holds DHS - RAPS and FAA certificates in QR425 Series. AirCover products have a US State Department Jurisdictions and are export approved 24/7 rapid reaction teams for international mission support.

Public Safety

AirCover's first mission is saving lives. A number of AirCover professionals are dual public safety volunteers ...



AirCover Industrial Inspection programs take advantage professional experiences from national agency, military, NASA,...



AirCover Export complaint products have passed the extensive US State Department Export review for ITAR...



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