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AirCover alliances support energy production inspection, security and monitoring with a range of solutions. AirCover energy solutions in Oil and Gas are available internationally 24/7.


AirCover International programs in products and services support programs in several countries. US State Departments approval for export has granted AirCover the ability to export under US Department of Commerce license ECCN: 9A012

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Public Agency Research and Development (R&D) programs are underway in several states. Due to AirCover's professional team with backgrounds in WMD counter proliferation knowledge, systems integration and training in concept of operations. In 2012, AirCover delivered systems for military and DHS applications for some of the most dangerous uses. In 2014, AirCover completed during winter months intensive certification program in record time. The DHS RAPS Certification provides validation to Federal, State and Local Agency operations the score card and levels of compliance. AirCover surpassed all program measures including inclement wind and weather


AirCover Precision AG research began in 2008. Focusing Midwest corn and soybean operations. AirCover has teamed with Farm Nutrients to develop a series of products and services to meet the FAA plans to approve use of unmanned systems and sensores in teh national airspace. Currently AirCover research and development has collaborations with University of Iowa, Operator Performance Lab (OPL) and Texas A&M. In anticipation of the FAA allowances in 2015, AirCover UAS programs in the national airspace are restricted to public safety agency use or public institution, university research.


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AirCover® Export compliant products have passed the extensive US State Department Export review for ITAR. As a result of this jurisdiction, QR425 Series products are exportable and can be supported under services for 24/7 support internationally.


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AirCover®'s first mission is saving lives. A number of AirCover professionals are dual public safety volunteers and military reservists who understand the importance response in a crisis. AirCover® team members have extensive ...