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AirCover®'s first mission is saving lives. A number of AirCover professionals are dual public safety volunteers and military reservists who understand the importance response in a crisis. AirCover® team members have extensive experience in use of unmanned systems with SWAT teams, Live Fire Range Training to Search and Rescue since 2012.

Operational TrainingOperational Training

AirCover® and AirCover® Critical Services currently offer operational training to refine and achieve mission success. Given the extensive backgrounds in aviation training. AirCover® continues to work on a number of mission type training programs.

Rapid ResponseRapid Response

AirCover® Rapid Response systems are designed to keep first responders at safe distances from crisis response threats. The QR425, OR825 and ORT425 series of products have been integrated with command and control communications suites, CBRNE sensors. AirCover® successfully tested industry firsts with national labs, using a RAD detection system at URBAN Shield 2013. AirCover offers a spectrum imagery and other sensors.

Search & RescueSearch & Rescue

AirCover® along with several partners in crisis response are collaborating on the first high altitude UAS training site that will extend a mountain range exceeding 14,000 feet. AirCover® will provide public agency use of systems and sensors in collaboration with public agency wild land fire, search and rescue. In 2014 AirCover® will conduct under FAA COA research into methods and technologies to reduce the dwell time between team dispatch and rescue of hikers and recreational public due to inclement weather.

Perch SurveillancePerch Surveillance

AirCover® Products offer both inflight sensing systems as well as stationary sensors. The sUAS series are all designed for perch mode operations in order to monitor areas for up to several hours of full motion video in EO, IR, and HD modes.

Complex InspectionComplex Inspection

Precision Inspection Software (SW)
AirCover® precision systems architecture and precision sensor accuracies to support military grade levels of GIS pin-point location of 2D and 3D digital information. AirCover®'s modular system architecture supports several levels of complex inspection sensors provided to clients upon request. AirCover® has fully integrated imagery and other sampling sensors ranging from GIS based orthorectification and other precision based sensors.


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AirCover® Export compliant products have passed the extensive US State Department Export review for ITAR. As a result of this jurisdiction, QR425 Series products are exportable and can be supported under services for 24/7 support internationally.




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AirCover® Industrial Inspection programs take advantage professional experiences from national agency, military, NASA, University and Aerospace and Defence - offering competitive services with full spectrum capabilities.


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