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AirCover®’s flagship product, the QuadRotor QR425. QRT425 and ORT825 are in full production and, shipping to domestic and international customers. The QR425 Series and its associated components, accessories and options are FAA and DHS RAPS validated systems with new applications constantly under development. At the core of our system architecture are advanced and scalable motion control electronics, firmware and proprietary technologies developed to military standards for military use over seven years. AirCover® provides FAA airworthiness validated and fully autonomous systems that are 256 AES encrypted. AirCover® product development programs have pioneered integration of UAS with piloted systems at University of Iowa, Operator Performance Lab and other Fortune 500 Aerospace projects designed to protect first responders from imminent life threatening conditions.

  • 256 AES - Fully Encrypted 
  • FAA Airworthiness certification process 
  • Fully Autonomous - Short Training Curve
  • Full Line of CBRNE Sensors
  • Precision Sensors 
  • State Department Export Jurisdiction (NO ITAR Restrictions) 
  • Unlimited Sensors 
  • Autonomous VTOL Scalable control

VTOL Series

AirCover® VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing) systems provide rapid response, precision control and easy to use systems. QR425 Series has been validated by FAA Airworthiness review and will complete a process of experimental testing in 2014. AirCover® VTOL series are premium grade systems for extreme wind, endurance, durability and range.

Specialized Systems

Systems are currently engineered for unmanned integration are offered currently for use in a number of applications.


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Sensor Pole Series offers QR425 as a tether system - QRT425. Due to restricted airspace conditions, AirCover offers a fully autonomous tether system that is compliant with current FAA airspace requirements and currently requires an FAA COA. Inquire more details on QRT825 at:


Public Safety

It's All About Saving Lives

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AirCover®'s first mission is saving lives. A number of AirCover professionals are dual public safety volunteers and military reservists who understand the importance response in a crisis. AirCover® team members have extensive ...




AirCover® Products In-Action

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AirCover® Industrial Inspection programs take advantage professional experiences from national agency, military, NASA, University and Aerospace and Defence - offering competitive services with full spectrum capabilities.




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AirCover® Export compliant products have passed the extensive US State Department Export review for ITAR. As a result of this jurisdiction, QR425 Series products are exportable and can be supported under services for 24/7 support internationally.